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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Boston Rag (Part 2)

Two nights of the Democratic National Convention down, two to go.

After hearing the inspiring speech of U.S. Senate hopeful Barack Obama on the radio, I think I speak for a lot of Democrats outside the Land of Lincoln when I say... can I cast a vote for this guy?

Hearing Theresa Heinz Kerry, on the other hand, made me almost wish I could vote for John Kerry and then vote for someone else for the office of First Lady.

I was hoping for a better speech by Howard Dean as well. He did discuss how his grass roots movement helped revive the party, but had the annoying tendency to repeat himself a lot.

But between great speeches by Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Obama, Edwards and Kerry have their work cut out for them, to say the least.

(Hearing that speech on the rain-soaked car ride back from Baltimore was perhaps the only redeeming thing about last night's rained-out Red Sox-Orioles game. That, and the Sox were still trailing - albeit rallying - when the game was first delayed; though the rain died down a little bit, it emerged again with a vengeance unseen by me since the days of Hurricane Floyd, and the game was called. Then I got to trudge across a long parking lot - I think I'd felt drier after jumping into the Potomac fully clothed.)


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