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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The Search Is Over

It's Kerry/Edwards.

I came around to the view that Gen. Clark was ultimately the man I'd have most preferred, but I'm still quite pleased with the choice of Sen. Edwards.

He doesn't bring a guaranteed state to the table, but he does send a signal that the Democrats aren't going to concede the South and that the Bush campaign is going to have to spend money and resoruces in an area they were likely hoping to not worry about much.
Edwards may put his home state of North Carolina in play, and helps in Applachian regions in the Carolinas, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio, and surrounding states. (Bush may win most of them anyway, but he'll have to work harder for them now, and he gives the Democrats a better chance at preserving Edwards' open seat in North Carolina as well as the South Carolina and Georgia seats.)

His dominant campaign theme of "two Americas" captured the anxiety of a lot of voters who feel that the poweful and privileged have enjoyed the benefit of a different set of rules and yet stressed that America can do better.

Props to Sen. Kerry for daring to choose a running mate with more charisma (granted, that's not difficult to do) than he has, and for not letting what appears to be a tremendous political talent go to waste.

The downside to this: For those of us who were looking forward to what one friend described as "the ultimate deposition," namely, Edwards tearing Dick Cheney a new orifice in the Vice Presidential debate, it might never happen. The speculation that Bush is going to pick a different running mate is likely to grow louder.

Update: I just heard that a Republican friend of a friend made his monthly donation to BushCo, and got back a bumper sticker that had Bush's name on it but not Cheney's. Very interesting...


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