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Monday, August 02, 2004

Code Orange

The Terror Alert has been escalated to Code Orange here in Washington, DC. (Those of you who don't live in DC, New York, or Newark, New Jersey are still at Code Yellow.)

Not having inside information about terror-related activity, I have no idea how much substance there is behind to these threats. I've always been of the mind that while it makes sense to alert law enforcement and other relevant peoples to increased threat levels, broadcasting this stuff to the general public only accomplishes spreading counterproductive generalized anxiety - and perhaps cynicism. Some of us are left wondering to what extent that these alerts are being manipulated for political purposes.

And if they're going to start doing it by region, there should probably be parts of the country that are at Code Blue or Code Green, like, say, remote counties in Nebraska.

This way those people the interviewed at that central Michigan that were freaking out about an al-Qaeda attack on their local shopping mall in "Farenheit 9/11" could switch to decaf.

If you're curious, no, nothing about my life really changes when the Terror Alert goes up. Being near the proverbial eye of the storm has taught me to be vigilant in a quiet way, all the while knowing that there are some kinds of threats about which I can do nothing.


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