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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Oops...I Did It Again

Sapurumar Niyazov, also known as Turkmenbashi, is at it again, fresh off a decree to stamp out the wearing of gold teeth. This time he's banned television actresses from wearing makeup, because he thinks it makes them look androgynous.

On the Crazy Dictator charts, the strongman of Turkmenistan has long since zoomed well past Qaddafi and is challenging North Korea's Kim Jong Il. And not even Kim Jong Il, as far as we know, attempted to build a massive palace out of ice. And he doesn't have a solid gold statue of himself that rotates so it always faces the sun.

Or maybe it's that the sun always rotates to face Niyazov's statue - we're not sure.

If you have a Livejournal, you can track the oh-so-wacky Niyazov and his oh-so-wacky edicts here.


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