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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Too Much Information

Stop the presses!

The New York Post reports that Scott Peterson liked to look at pornography, and that Laci may have disapproved. He apparently ordered some porn channels with his cable TV after Laci's disappearance but cancelled them in anticipation of the police searching his house. Apparently, the channel, according to prosecutors, isn't "HBO at night."

Objection. Don't knock it. Late-night cable soft-core porn helped get many an adolescent male through some tough years.

Now, I'm not qualified to judge the man's guilt or innocence in the death of his wife (and their unborn son) because, frankly, I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the Peterson trial. I just saw the newspaper racks and saw that the Peterson pornography thing was on the front page of the Post.

What this story says to me is that men - horror of horrors - generally like to look at pornography, are embarassed when they think someone else (including, interestingly enough, law enforcement personnel) might find out about that they view said pornography, particularly women, and especially their wives. Yes, ladies, your guy probably likes to look at porn when your back is turned.

In other Excessive Media Saturation Coverage-related news...John Ramsey, father of the famously dead child beauty pageant queen JonBenet Ramsey, failed in his bid for the Republican nomination for a state legislative seat in Michigan. He had near-universal name recognition but couldn't get all the votes he needed to succeed; he wound up finishing second in a crowded, six-person field.

His failed bid may have something to do with his saying that the loss of two daughters (JonBenet and another daughter who died in a 1992 car crash) caused him to be more "compassionate," which doesn't often go over well in a Republican primary, where people often trip over each other to see who can be the bigger hardass. In all likelihood though, it probably had a lot more to do with the fact that, though the Ramseys have owned a summer home in Charlevoix since 1992, they are relatively new permanent residents of the area. As I'm sure you all recall in nauseating detail, the Ramseys lived in Boulder, Colorado at the time of the JonBenet murder, and moved shortly thereafter, but to the Atlanta area, not to the wilds of northern Michigan.

John, not everyone can be Hillary Clinton; it's going to be a lot of fun to watch
Alan Keyes try in Illinois.


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