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Monday, September 20, 2004


For those of us who still, after Episodes I and II, harbor fond memories of a galaxy far, far away - the Star Wars trilogy comes out on DVD today.

I wish George Lucas would stop wrecking his own stuff; this article explains what's new and different about the edition. Many of the changes involve creating more continuity with the newer prequels - including Naboo in Return of the Jedi and the like. There's also a welcome improvement to the unnecessary insertion of Jabba the Hutt into Star Wars: A New Hope.

But George Lucas' biggest mistaken revision remains.

For my part, I still refuse to believe that Greebo shot first. No half decent bounty hunter could miss from that distance, and the fact that Han shot first does not in any way make him a villain. A bounty hunter coming to deliver a known fugitive to a gangster has in a sense assumed the risk that said fugitive is going to kill him rather than agree to be captured, especially considering that Solo was likely destined for the Rancor or Sarlacc Pit.

He says that the newer version was his original vision and that the shot got messed up. I don't believe him. But I'm stubborn that way.


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