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Friday, September 17, 2004

Un-American Sentiment #3

No, it's not "some people have too much damn money" this time, though that still applies.

This truck is nothing sort of an abomination.

At the absolute minimum, only people with commercial/trucking licenses should be allowed to drive a vehicle like this one on the road. (I feel the same way about any Hummer, and think a case could be made for a similar requirement for the Excursion and Suburban as well; being able to drive and park a typical compact car in a road test doesn't necessarily qualify you to do the same with one of these monstrosities.) We ought to be doing everything we can to discourage people from cluttering the roadways with these vehicles, and to the extent that people need them and do drive them, do everything to make sure they're driven as safely and competently as possible.


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