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Friday, October 22, 2004

100 Facts

I'm glad I've realized fairly early in life that I could never be a politician in America.

The fact that this election is even close, that there's any chance at all that George W. Bush isn't going to be leaving office in a few months with his tail between his legs, humiliated and utterly repudiated, is disturbing.

If America gives him another term, I wouldn't begrudge people in other countries engaging in the kind of childish crap that American right-wingers have regarding France and the rest of Europe. They can even call American Cheese (a.k.a "Processed Cheese Food") "Idiot Cheese" if they want to, for all I'd care. They can make a big deal about pouring American beer down their sewage systems - which is where a lot of it belongs anyway.

It most likely won't do them a damn bit of good, unfortunately, but I for one am not going to care. You could even do it in front of me, and I'd just shrug my shoulders in bemusement.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled baseball.


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