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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


World Series matchups - in order of personal preference:

1. Red Sox/Astros: The Battle of the Wild Cards. Other than the Dodgers, the team the Sox would most want to face. Clemens gets to prove yet again that he can't come through in the big game, and he's not going to have the Mike Mussina to bail him out this time. Wouldn't it be great to see a team from the Cradle of the Revolution take a Series from a team from Texas, the state that is the World's Leading Source of Bad Ideas? We've got John Kerry, Houston brought the world Enron and Halliburton. Irresistible. And probably good for baseball.
2. Red Sox/Cardinals: Rematch of 1967...except this time, the Red Sox have the closest thing to Bob Gibson to run out to the hill. Lots of firepower on both sides, and some guys capable of some great play. Could be one for the ages. Added bonus: The Cards are the team I'd least mind losing to.
3. Red Sox/Dodgers: Maybe this should be higher, since the Sox would be an overwhelming favorite in this Series. But the Dodgers just don't interest me much.
4. Red Sox/Braves: I'm tired of the Braves, and they're pretty nondescript.
5. Twins/Cardinals: I have fond memories of the 1987 World Series, and that same vibe is here. Johan Santana tries to step into the Frank Viola role, the young stud lefty ace while Brad Radke seeks to play Bert Blyleven, the veteran righthanded #2 man. The Twins try to exploit their home advantage in the Metrodome to maximium affect. The favored Cardinals have no ace but bring a strong bullpen and a well-regarded manager to the table, just like in '87. Key difference: Rather than singles and speed, the Cards have a power offense this time. Bonus: Selig would hate this.
6. Twins/Braves: A rematch of the pretty good 1991 World Series, in which Minnesota tries to play the role of...Minnesota. Bonus: Selig would hate this.
7. Angels/Cardinals: I'd watch most of this, as a casual Cards fan.
8. Twins/Dodgers: A 1965 rematch. The sheer improbability of this one is interesting, but not much else compelling going on, unless you're really into pitchers' duels.
9. Twins/Astros: Blah. There are players worth watching on both teams, but I'd watch this one like I'd watch most BCS Bowl Games - not caring much either way. Guess I'd be pulling for the Twins. Bonus: Selig would hate this.
10. Angels/Astros: An all-Class of '62 faceoff. Probably even less at stake for me than Twins/Astros.
11. Yankees/Cardinals: The one World Series involving the Yankees that I would try to watch most of. Pulling for St. Louis all the way in that case.
12. Angels/Braves: If Twins/Astros is a BCS game, Angels/Braves is closer to the Poulan Weed Eater Independence Bowl. (Do they still play that one?) I might watch some games, but not much interest.
13. Yankees/Astros: The thought of Roger Clemens coming back to spurn and burn the Yankees might give them a sense of how Red Sox Nation feels about him. Not that that would necessarily happen, of course. Otherwise, this doesn't hold much interest for me.
14. Angels/Dodgers: The Battle of Southern California. I wonder if people would leave Game Seven of this one in the 7th inning to beat the traffic. Lots of 10:00 starts, and I have to get up in the morning to go to work. Fox would hate this matchup, but so would I.
15. Yankees/Dodgers: Not only would this Series be lopsided beyond belief, but it would be one of those East Coast/West Coast things that would bore people to tears by the end. It'd probably get good ratings, but I'd make no effort to watch any of it. Downside: Selig would love this matchup.
16. Yankees/Braves: Would anyone not in the fan base of either team watch another one of these Braves/Yankees tilts? Would anyone doubt the eventual outcome? Is there anyone not sick of these teams yet?


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