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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Boston 11, St. Louis 9
John Kerry's Hometown 1, Dick Gephardt's Hometown 0

The Sox took a 7-2 lead but couldn't hold it as Tim Wakefield couldn't find the plate and the Boston defense, so good in the Yankee series, collapsed in key situations. They had to call on Keith Foulke to get the job done, and he delivered.

Woody Williams looked like the best St. Louis had to offer on the mound going in these playoffs in terms of starting pitching, and the fact that the Red Sox had a field day off of him bodes somehwat well for the rest of this series. These guys can hit.

And, befitting Boston in October, it was dramatic, and home runs entered the mix. Mark Bellhorn delivered the game-winner, but, once again, David Ortiz got it going with a 3-run blast in the bottom of the first.

The downside is that Bronson Arroyo and Foulke have already been worked hard, so there's that much less of a cushion should Curt Schilling or his ailing ankle falter in Game 2. It's going to be hard for any pitcher to hold these Cardinal hitters down for long.

But, the bottom line for Red Sox Nation is that here's a game they could have let slip away - exactly the sort of game they would have let slip away if it were played in June or July - that still ended up in the win column.


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