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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Boston 4, New York 2
Dean Wormer 3, Delta House 3

"So put me on a highway/ and show me a sign/ and take it to the limit/ one more time." - The Eagles

First, they won back their dignity. Then, they won back their pride. Now, they've made history, being the first baseball team to go down 3-0 and force a Game 7. This is literally uncharted territory, both for the Red Sox, and for anyone else.

Likely a cast of thousands will take the hill for the Sox in the Bronx tomorrow night in what might be the most watched baseball game in the history of Planet Earth. Two tired pitching staffs will see which one can outlast the other, which one can best fight off the other team's powerful offense.

The hero? Curt Schilling. There was blood on his ankles. Win or lose tomorrow, his start goes down in history as one of the all-time clutch pitching performances. And the gutsiest outing I have had the pleasure of witnessing. It wasn't always flawless, but he got the outs when he needed them. And thanks to him, Red Sox Nation has one more day to be on pins and needles.


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