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Monday, October 18, 2004

Boston 6, New York 4
Mystique and Aura 3, Law of Averages 1

I can't help but think that this game merely delayed the inevitable; however, it did give Red Sox Nation at least a few positive memories to look back on what would otherwise seem like an endless offseason. Ortiz taking Paul Quantrill deep in the bottom of the 12th is in the all-time Sox homers pantheon, but it's well behind, say, Fisk's famous 1975 blast. (Which may be the all-time most famous World Series home run, aside from Mazeroski's walk-off 1960 shot and perhaps Carter's 1993 homer, odd considering that Fisk's home run merely forced a Game 7, which was then lost by the Sox.)

At the absolute minimum, the Fenway Faithful get one last chance to give Pedro Martinez his due sendoff tonight. Pedro will need his best stuff, but if he has it, and the offense can deliver, the Sox may spare the Fenway fans the ignominity of watching the Yankees celebrate another freakin' World Series appearance in Boston, forcing them to do it on their own damn turf.

That's about all we can ask for right now.


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