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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Boston 6, St. Louis 2
Clam Chowder 2, Barbecue Ribs 0

Behind Curt Schilling (and his ankle) the Red Sox yet again overcome four errors to take the second game and put the Cardinals in an 0-2 hole as the World Series shifts to St. Louis. Three clutch two-out base hits by Varitek, Bellhorn, and Cabrera did the damage, and the Embree/Timlin/Foulke combo keeps on delivering. Once again, the St. Louis starter doesn't even make it five innings.

It wasn't always pretty, and there were moments of tension, but in the end the Idiots (which is the nickname they seem to havce been stuck to them) triumphed yet again. (How come they keep letting Kevin Millar come up with the catch phrases, by the way?)

The worst case scenario for the next three games for the Red Sox would have them returning to Fenway down 3-2 with (hopefully) their best two starters on the mound; even that isn't the worst place to be. Any better than that, and the Red Sox look to be in good shape. If things go really well, they can close the Series down in St. Louis, though I wouldn't expect that outcome.

The Cardinals haven't been beaten in their home park in the postseason yet, but the Red Sox are a stronger team than the Dodgers or Astros. That said...Manny Ramirez playing left field in spacious Busch Stadium has to be a concern to Red Sox Nation, as does David Ortiz playing the field anywhere. The whole Red Sox defense, so good in the previous two series, has repeatedly failed during this one. So far it hasn't been costly, but the possiblity of lower scoring, National League-style baseball makes good defense more critical.

But the hardest part for the Red Sox is still to come.


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