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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Down By The River

The World Series shifts to St. Louis. It appears the game might be rained out, which wouldn't be good for Red Sox fans. Compressing five games into five days instead of six would make Boston's strong bullpen less of an asset since they will tire faster and will have to be used judiciously. Not to mention they're a man shorter than they were in the Yankee series, since Kevin Youkilis replaced Ramiro Mendoza on the World Series roster, and it appears that Curt Schilling is done.

Still, having a 2-0 lead with Pedro Martinez, however mortal he has looked at times this season, on the mound for Game 3 isn't a bad position. The Cardinals still need to win at least one game at Fenway Park, no matter what happens in St. Louis. Jeff Suppan has been the Cardinals' best starter, but, well, Red Sox fans remember him well, and weren't exactly impressed with his recent Red Sox tenure.

This game is still pretty important for the Red Sox, since the pitching matchups in Games 4 and 5 are more favorable to the Cardinals. Jason Marquis has struggled as of late, but with the kind of season Derek Lowe has had, the Sox will need all the help they can, ALCS Game 6 notwithstanding.

I'm staying with the Sox in 7 prediction in the meantime. St. Louis is capable, especially now that they're on their home turf, of turning things around in a hurry.


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