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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Eighteen...And I Like It

While the Boston sports orbit sweats over who the Red Sox drew (Anaheim - more about that later) and live and die by the Olde Towne Team, the Patriots are the gift that keeps on giving, winning an NFL record 18th straight game yesterday.

These guys really know how to pull off close wins over good teams, and can generally be counted on to take care of business against the weaker teams on their schedule. The only two head coaches to beat the Pats last year? Gregg Williams and Steve Spurrier, who aren't head coaches now.

Only three more Super Bowls to go, guys, and you too can be the Yankees of football. It doesn't appear that the Cowboys or Niners (the two teams closest to that claim) are going to be dominant again anytime soon, so the opportunity is there.


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