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Monday, October 25, 2004


There were several differing rationales proferred for this Iraq invasion, before, during, and after the fact. One of the more persuasive ones - to many people at least - was the idea that Saddam Hussein had control of "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (i.e. nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons) and that he could not be trusted with them. Among the (problematic) scenarios laid out by war advocates was the notion that Saddam could strike at the United States through Islamist terrorist surrogates, using these weapons, since he could not realistically do so directly without reprisal.

It appears that the weapons inspection regimes in place did their proper job, and that there were no WMDs. Were the American people misled, or did the administration honestly think there were WMDs? Neither option reflects well on our leadership, but now it looks like it's even worse than it appeared before.

Some 380 tons of explosives have gone missing in Iraq. While the presence of caches of explosives is not in and of itself unusual in a war-torn country, before the invasion, officials at the International Atomic Energy Agency controlled this stockpile. Naturally, the IAEA left Iraq in the midst of the March 2003 invasion. The location of this stockpile couldn't have been a secret to the Americans.

And, whether in whole or piece by piece, these explosives have gone missing. One would think the guarding of this material would have been a high priority, at least on par with, for instance, the securing of the oil fields. But we haven't heard much about it until now. These explosives could now be in the hands of anyone, including - you guessed it - Islamist terror networks. As in, the sort of people who actually attacked America on September 11, 2001.

We are paying a dear price for the fantasies of delusional ideologues who dreamed of remaking the Middle East wholesale, and of doing it on the cheap to boot.


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