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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I wish the voters of Maryland would put William Donald Schaefer out to pasture.

Now State Comptroller, formerly Governor, and before that Mayor of Baltimore, he specializes in making a fool of himself and whatever his constituency happens to be at the time on a regular basis. And people in Maryland keep electing him to high office.

Not only is his advocacy of mandatory registration of people infected with HIV and his remarks about AIDS victims callously insensitive, they're made on behalf of a stupid policy as well.

We should not be encouraging discrimination against HIV-infected persons. There is a stigma attached to this disease, and remarks like this only make it worse.

More importantly, we shouldn't be providing such a strong disincentive for people to find out their HIV status through testing, especially those in "high risk" categories. There are already enough reasons why people don't get tested for HIV, even though they should, without this buffoon adding fuel to the fire.


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