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Thursday, October 21, 2004

St. Louis 5, Houston 2
Meet Me In St. Louis 4, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3

Yup, they'll be talking about the decision to start Peter Munro over Roger Clemens in Game 6 a lot in Houston this offseason, and not in a good way.

Clemens can't get it done in a big game, yet again, and Jeff Suppan keeps the Astros in check.

The Cardinals can now book their flight to Boston.

Meanwhile, the Astros' 42 year drought will continue.

Who was I pulling for? At first, Houston, but then I saw Brandon Backe emerge and thought of Josh Beckett last year, or Livan Hernandez in 1997. I saw Brad Lidge and thought of K-Rod in 2002. I saw Clemens and Red Sox farm product Jeff Bagwell and thought less of the Curse of the Bambino than I did the Curses of Lou Gorman and Dan Duquette. St. Louis has the bats to challenge the Sox, to be sure, but I like my odds against Cardinal pitching if I'm the Red Sox, particularly given how banged up the St. Louis pen is now.

Tonight, I wanted it to be close. I was pulling for the Cardinals, until I saw that the Astros were, on the ropes, down two and summoning Roy Oswalt in a last-ditch effort to save their season. From that moment on, I was pulling for the 'Stros to pull even and force an extra frame or two before winning out in the end. It would have made great baseball, great television viewing, and would have Houston coming into Fenway at a decided disadvantage. (By contrast, I don't think it matters as much who's ready to pitch Game 1 for the Cardinals - they're generally going to try to win by outslugging your hitters rather than outdueling your pitchers.)

This fine, dramatic, compelling series between the Astros and Cardinals got lost in the hype as the national media feverishly revved up the operatic melodrama of another Yankees-Red Sox showdown that went the distance. Now the winner of that other underappreciated series, a franchise itself steeped in history and tradition, gets to share the stage as the nation turns its eyes towards Boston and St. Louis.


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