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Sunday, October 31, 2004


You knew it was going to happen some time. The Patriots couldn't keep winning forever. With the Red Sox win, there was definitely a "too good to be true" vibe pervading the Boston sports scene (the Celtics' awful preseason notwithstanding.)

It's just too bad that they looked pathetic in nearly every aspect of the game - their depleted secondary was burned to a crisp, they didn't stop the run especially well, they couldn't, without Corey Dillon, run the ball at all (well, they didn't even try, but Kevin Faulk's track record strongly suggesting calling more run plays wouldn't have worked too well, and they trailed big early anyway), and Brady kept turning the ball over. You'd have to go back to last season's Opening Day disaster in Buffalo to see a team that looked this lost.

However, better it happens now than during a playoff game, though this may mean having to go to that bloody awful grass in Pittsburgh instead of Gilette Stadium come playoff time. One hopes that this result is not indicative of what what happens in tough road games - like the one next week at St. Louis - the rest of the season.

I think almost everyone in New England would gladly accept this result as the price of a Red Sox World Series win, and for beating the Jets last week, giving us Boston sports aficionadoes another win to shove in New York's face.

So when the '72 Dolphins get together to celebrate the last unbeaten team of the season going down, it would be to watch the Philadelphia Eagles. Will the Steelers take care of them next week as well?


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