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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Two Headaches

Welcome to my morning commute.

According to the Washington Post, the Orange Line is getting worse. I can't imagine the planned Tysons Corner/Reston/Dulles extension is going to make the situation there any better.

Unfortunately, alleviating the one main choke point in the system, the tunnel under the Potomac River that can only handle one train in each direction, would cost $1 billion.

It's most unfortunate that, unlike other mass transit systems, Metro has no dedicated source of funding. Three jurisdictions that regaularly lock horns over finances and everything else find it difficult to have any sense of coordination in the system. They've hiked fares twice in three years, and apparently it hasn't helping much with funding.

They could start by the District not spending $440 million to finance a baseball stadium. If pro baseball owners want to relocate here so badly, they should put up more money. I can't stand Marion Barry, but he and his fellow additions to the City Council are on the right side of this issue. This is a taxpayer rip-off all the way. So, naturally, they're going to try to hold a vote while the three defeated pro-stadium City Council members are still in office.

I don't necessarily have anything against business spending, but this whole episode - in contrast to an increasing blind eye to many of the nation's social problems - is one of the more blatant examples of "Socialism for the rich, capitalism for the poor" that I've seen.


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