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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

We Won On Jeopardy?

Before this blog is totally subsumed by baseball playoff coverage, just wanted to point out this Washington Post story. The reporter actually did a good job, by my estimation, capturing as much about quiz bowl and its unique subculture - now on the national radar screen thanks to Ken Jennings and other various and sundry game show winners.

(More on him later; I've been studiously avoiding discussion of his Jeopardy! run, but be assured that I'm working on something.)

Suffice to say that I met a lot of great friends (including the lion's share of my blogroll) through this activity. It's a group of bright, talented men and women (but mostly men, as it turns out) who can usually turn conversation topics on a time, from pro wrestling to postmodern literature, from Lenin to Led Zeppelin, from Bernini to Bohr, and you can always learn something.


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