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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Jukebox From Heaven (Part I)

Rolling Stone came out with another 500 Greatest Songs list. It has the same problems you'd expect from a "500 Greatest Songs" list from Rolling Stone. Namely, that it's very 60's-centric, especially at the upper echelons, and makes a lot of compromises as far as artists' catalogs go. (If you asked 50 Clash fans what their favorite Clash tune was, I doubt many of them would cite "London Calling," though it may be their best known song.)

No one's going to agree on a list of Greatest Songs of any size, let alone 500. This is closer to a 500 Most Important Songs, though it doesn't quite work as that either, due to the tie-dyed biases of Rolling Stone. As a 500 Songs Every Rock Fan Should Know list, however, it actually works pretty well.

I'll likely be going more into detail on this, but it's late and I have travel plans...


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