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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Master Is With Us...Always

Take a look at this picture.
I'm glad I don't live anywhere near this billboard. It's a symbol, doesn't really mean anything susbtantive, but it reminds me a lot of large pictures of heads of state in countries and in governments that most people, myself included, don't think very much of.

On the other hand, this is much more susbtantial and alarming. A Republican member of Congress from Oklahoma, Ernest Istook, tried to insert a provision into a long and convoluted appropriations bill that would allow certain Members of Congress and their staffers the right to review anyone's tax returns without penalty. To their credit, many Republican legislators were embarassed - but were they more embarassed that one of their colleagues would attempt to do something like this, or were they more embarassed that someone caught him?

I'm thinking of a word that starts with "F" and has more than four letters. It's been overused for dramatic effect by protestors and sometimes by people joking around, to the point where it's almost lost its true meaning. In the technical sense, it's used to describe invasive governments that advance a pro-corporate agenda by whipping up nationalist sentiment with religious overtones.

Yeah, that word.


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