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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Who Are The Brain Police? (Part I)

It's about time someone started addressing this "elitist liberal" stuff head on.

CNN's Candy Crowley:
In January 2003, when his campaign was still young enough that Kerry would actually sit down with reporters in a relaxed setting, he and Crowley met for breakfast at the Holiday Inn in Dubuque, Iowa. "I'd like to start out with some green tea," Kerry told the waitress, who stared at him for a moment before responding, "We have Lipton's." Lipton's would be fine, Kerry said, but the memory stayed with Crowley. "There were many green tea instances," she told the sell-out crowd of 450 at the Kravis Center's Cohen Pavilion. "There's a very large disconnect between the Washington politicians and most of America and how they live. Bush was able to bridge that gap, and Kerry was not."

We'll forget the absurdity of the notion that ordering green tea in Iowa or choosing windsurfing as an athletic hobby is inherently elitist while building a multi-million dollar ranch as a political prop isn't for a minute.

We'll also forget the entire notion of the "liberal elite" makes no bloody sense at all when you consider that just about every center of power in America is controlled squarely by conservatives. Let's see...all three branches of government, the military, the business sector...all run by conservatives. On the other side of the ledger we have some activist celebrities (though the other side has plenty of those too) and, the NYU English Department.

Put both of those notions aside for now. My first question is this:

Is it more elitist for John Kerry to order green tea in Dubuque, or for Candy Crowley to assume that the poor benighted rubes in Dubuque can't appreciate green tea?

Green tea, for what it's worth, is widely available in both blue and red states, and has received much hype as helping people lose weight. It would appear that Ms. Crowley could use some green tea, unless she's thinks that's too elitist of course.


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