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Monday, November 15, 2004

Wild Thing

The FDA has ordered Pfizer to pull a series of ads for Viagra. They cited that ads neglect to mention "erectile dysfunction" as the condition Viagra is intended to treat, and implying the drug enhances male sexual desire, which it has not been clinically proven to do.

It appears that this letter says nothing about the incredibly bad taste of the ad, or the fact that the guy who sprouts blue horns looks pretty darn creepy. (It's still not as uncomfortable a notion being forced to consider Mike Ditka pitching a tent in his shorts, but it's close.)

These ads for boner pills air so often on frequently-watched TV programs that they kind of give the lie to the notion that drug companies need to make windfall profits off American consumers so they can cure humanity's great plagues.

But, hey, at least I still never have to watch that Viagra commerical again. Woohoo!


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