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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Championship Sunday

As we await the coming snowstorm... AFC and NFC Championship games are tomorrow.

It's hard to imagine a warm-weather NFC South team going into cold, brutal, nasty Philadelphia and coming away with a win...but you can't exactly say it's unprecedented, since it happened each of the last 2 years. Does it happen again?
I say no. This Eagles team is better.

Later on that day, on the other side of the Keystone State, the Patriots will try to avenge one of their two losses this season in Pittsburgh for the right to advance to Super Bowl 39. (Roman Numerals - feh.)

Because the Patriots don't seem to invite the same superstitious feelings in these parts as the Red Sox do, it doesn't feel like predicting them to win sets them up for some kind of jinx. The only thing that gives me pause - everyone's on the Patriots' bandwagon after their convincing win over Indianapolis, coupled with the Steelers' narrow win over an inferior Jets team, the same Jets that looked utterly lost the last time they played New England. When it comes down to playing a game in single-digit snowy weather, you have to wonder if a bunch of guys with two Super Bowl rings that everyone outside of Greater Pittsburgh assumes are going to win can bring the kind of game it's going to take to win tomorrow. It doesn't bug me tremendously that the Steelers won handily the last time this game was played, on October 31, in which the Patriots disguised themselves as a medicore NFC team; Corey Dillon was notably absent from that contest. I think that's the difference maker this time. There will be a lot of running, and not many aerial fireworks on either side of the field. I learned my lesson from last week, doubting my home team could stop the Colts - though the weather played a hand in slowing them down as well. The Pats are the champs until someone takes them down for good.

It would be fun to see Boston and Philly, two cities full of insane sports fanatics, work themselves into a frenzy over this game.


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