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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I Love A Man In Uniform

Your tax dollars at work.

The Sunshine Project has unearthed a memorandum in which the military considered researching the use of aphrodisiacs - particularly if they induced homosexual behavior - as a weapon against enemy troops. (They also considered, inter alia, chemicials that give enemy soliders bad breath, as well as substances that would attract biting or stinging insects.)

Imagine how much fun a chemical that could turn straight men into gay men - really horny gay men - would be at parties. If it could make them good looking, or cultured, or sophisticated, or give them fashion sense, that'd be even better.

Seriously, have these guys ever heard of Sparta? Or American Gladiators? Or, for that matter, the Stonewall riots? (Or, for that matter, the entire concept of "butch" lesbians.) The military is crawling with homosexuals - male and female - in various states of closetedness.

Now I know that this project didn't actually get too far, but it's still hilarious, and a sign of a mindset stuck in the mire of lazy stereotypes.


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