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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Diagnosis: Attempted [Television] Murder

I'm not faring too well in the Allison LaPlaca Open thusfar. A grand total of zero points. A grand letdown after going 8 for 10 last year; it would have been 9 if Fox had followed through on its original decision to can "Tru Calling" last season.

"Desparate Housewives" is one of the most talked-about shows on network TV, and "Crossing Jordan" appears to be going nowhere. "Commando Nanny" never aired, which under the current rules means I'm out of luck there, though I guess it's better, from the standpoint of human civilization, that a show with Hulk Hogan as a nanny never saw the light of day. (And I missed out on "Studio 7" because I thought it was going to suffer the same fate.)

I'll still be collecting the gimme points for the final laps around the track of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "NYPD Blue" and "Father of the Pride" is on hiatus and is probably going to be put to sleep. I am still holding out hope that the aforementioned "Tru Calling" and "North Shore" will go away soon. And "8 Simple Rules," which lost its main reason to exist last season.

I'm kicking myself for missing out on "Dr. Vegas." If it weren't for his role on "West Wing," they could change the name of this competition to "Rob Lowe Open." Also "Method and Red," which stopped shooting around the time entries were due.

There's always next year.


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