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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Rock The Boat

It's now official; Howard Dean is your new Democratic National Committee Chairman.

Risky? Perhaps. But the general Democratic strategy of playing it safe, of not taking risks, has not exactly turned out well. The Beltway Democrats who took the lead role in derailing Dean's Presidential candidacy have had multiple chances to show an increasingly skpetical rank and file that they had a winning formula. Absent the idiosyncratic political gifts and skills of a Bill Clinton, they don't seem to have one.

Lots of Republicans will tell you that a prominent role for Howard Dean is exactly what they want. I don't really believe them, and in any case, I take any advice from people who are rooting for me to fail with a grain, nay, an entire shaker of salt.

The downside to rocking the boat is gone. There is no majority to protect, no sinecures of power to defend. It's not entirely a dissimilar place to where the Republicans found themsleves following the defeat of Bush the Elder in 1992, and I don't recall them rolling over and playing dead when that happened.


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