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Friday, February 25, 2005

Standing On The Edge

Apparently the White House is having trouble finding a Democrat willing to give him political cover on his Social Security evisceration privatization personal"reform" plan.

Now it's early in the game, with plenty of time for what seems like an inevitable letdown (sort of like the pre-2004 Red Sox leading by three runs in the middle innings in a crucial game at Yankee Stadium,) but I am starting to wonder... Could it be that the Democrats have finally learned something? That Lucy's not going to let you kick the football, ever?

Actually, I'm plenty skeptical. But the white flag hasn't come up yet.

Ask Jean Carnahan, Max Cleland, or Tom Daschle what the benefits of playing ball with the other side are. Or Mary Landrieu, who - miracle of miracles - actually held on to her Senate seat. Willingness to compromise is a sign of weakness to these people.

Hey, Senate Democrats, I'll let you in on something in case you haven't quite figured it out yet: They're going demonize you and call you "obstructionist" no matter what you do or don't do. So you might as well live up to the label. If they get angrier and dial up their rhetoric, you'll know that whatever it is you're doing is working.


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