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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl XXXIX Diary (Part 2)

First Quarter Thoughts:

Pats offense hasn't really gotten untracked - Eagles have been agrressive, and have only been burned by it (mildly) once. They have to take better advantage of the turnovers the defense is providing. Dillon hasn't been a factor yet, and I have to wonder if they shouldn't be running on 1st down more often to stay out of the 3rd and longs thew Eagles excel at defending against.

McNabb looks generally bad - Owens and L.J. Smith (and the officiating) have largely bailed him out thusfar. Eagles have done nothing on the ground - Johnson's punts have outstanding and that's helped Philly a bunch in the field position battle.
Some of the weakness in the Pats' secondary have been exposed, but due to some poor play in some key spots by Eagles players it hasn't hurt them yet. And anytime you can sack a guy like McNabb essentially three times in one quarter, you have to give props to the pass rush.


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