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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The London Underground Is Not A Political Movement

By now, you've probably heard about the horrific bomb attacks on London's subway and bus systems that are almost certainly the result of terrorist activity. In fact, an Islamist group linked to al-Qaida has claimed responsibility.

It's hard to come up for commentary regarding an event like this without coming across as either being dismissive, as trying to exploit them to make some political point, or a little of both. It's safe to assume that there will be a lot of electrons flying as a result of these attacks; it's not safe to assume much of anything else.

I suppose it's something of a banal observation to note that this type of act doesn't make things better for anyone anywhere. At a personal level, I find it useful to periodically ask myself what I can do to help - even in some barely detectable, almost microscopic way - reduce or remove what I might think causes atrocities and tragedies like the one I heard about this morning in London.

Of course, at the same time, I'm glad I'm driving to my vacation destination up north rather than using the air traffic system today.


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