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Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Space Between

I went to my second Dave Matthews Band concert this past evening.

The band, as usual, was amazing, consisting of an assortment of astonishingly talented musicians.

They broke out a surprise cover of the Zombies' "Time of the Season," that sounded terrific, and had intense jam sessions on "Lie In Our Graves" and "Crush" that prominently featured some jaw-dropping violin playing. Other highlights were a sped up and amped up "Don't Drink The Water," a slightly revved up but still appropriately mellow "#34" (instrumental) as well a spirited rendition of their latest radio staple, "American Baby." They played a lot of stuff from the new album, which I have yet to digest fully and I'm still not crazy about thusfar.

My brother, a veteran DMB watcher (53 concerts under his belt), was cool to the overall setlist but, hey, the seats were good, the beer was cold, and the band sounded as good as ever. Not much more you can ask for a rock concert. Plus, lots of eye candy whatever your gender or sexual preference.

The ampitheater, which is now called Tweeter Center but will always be Great Woods to me, has terrific acoustics and facilities but is in the middle of nowhere and not exactly easily accessible despite being near the junction of two interstates. (If that sounds exactly like Gillette Stadium, where the Pats play, well, it's because they are right near each other, on opposite sides of Interstate 95.) Great Woods has a very poorly designed parking lot; only one way out and a system that seems to encourage and exacerbate traffic snarls. I'd hate to see what happened if a riot ever broke out there. It took nearly as long to leave the show as it did to drive from Mansfield to Worcester once out of the aforementioned lot.


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No new crap, "Takin' Care of Business"!


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