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Monday, January 23, 2006

The New Adventures

Where have I been?

Working, house hunting, home buying, working, Christmas shopping, getting acquainted with my new home, and now, studying for the bar exam in Maryland. Note that I’ve also been playing SimCity4 and some X-Box games, and I’m getting all my playing in now because I’m going to hide all that stuff come February 1. Heck, I might even unplug my net connection shortly thereafter, so if you don’t hear from me in February, you now know why.

In the larger world, there’s a Supreme Court confirmation battle, an election in that big empty country to our north, and an upcoming baseball season. There’s a State of the Union address to either fume at or ignore (I haven’t decided which yet.) There are no more Patriots to cheer on but there is one more football game to be played, and Peyton Manning isn’t in it either. The Colonials are still around, and still ranked, miracle of miracles.

I keep telling myself that winter will be over before long.

There’s a lot of catch-up to be played…


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